Customized. Sensitive. Fast.

Your drug-discovery breakthrough depends on accurate biomarker testing results. At Ampersand Biosciences, we’re committed to understanding your research goals as well as you do. It’s how we deliver customized immunoassay kits and testing services that bring your science closer to market.

Why Choose Ampersand Biosciences?

  • Experience.

    The Ampersand Biosciences team has decades of expertise in developing and validating Luminex-based and other multiplex assays, antibodies, and proteins.

  • Independence.

    As a privately owned women business enterprise (WBE), we answer to ourselves—not a distant corporate headquarters. And because we’re independent, our costs are often lower than larger providers.

  • One-of-a-kind.

    Our newly developed ferret cytokine panels—the first on the market—provide an important tool to evaluate the immune response to influenza as well as other respiratory diseases. We’re constantly evaluating ways to meet your pre-clinical research needs: Our hamster cytokine panels for evaluating COVID response are the only ones available.

  • Speed.

    If you have limited experience performing multiplex immunoassays, turn to Ampersand Biosciences. We’ll execute your experiment in our secure facility located in a remote part of Northern New York, saving you time and money. We can complete most projects in 2–4 months.

  • Quality.

    Your experiments depend on replicable, reliable data. (We know the frustration of encountering antibodies that don’t work—that’s one reason why we started producing some of the ones we rely on in-house.)

    • Antibodies:

      All antibodies are validated with native samples and undergo rigorous validation prior to release.

    • Proteins:

      Recombinant proteins are validated using antibody assays and western blot.

    • Luminex kits:

      We validate all kits for cross-reactivity, linearity, precision, and stability. New lots undergo bridging studies to ensure excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility.

    • Sample testing:

      Mouse, rat, hamster, canine, and human biomarker samples are tested using validated assay and GLP protocols.