Ampersand Biosciences develops and validates immunoassay kits. We offer a variety of testing services within the biotechnology sector and a range of products including proteins, antibodies, and Luminex Kits. We primary serve the drug discovery and pre-clinical research sectors with specialized tools for evaluating immune responses. We were founded in 2015 and are currently based in Lake Clear, New York.

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The United States & Canada.

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6459 State Route 30
Lake Clear, NY 12945

Proteins: Recombinant proteins are validated using antibody assays and western blot.

Antibodies: All antibodies are validated with native samples and undergo rigorous validation prior to release.

Luminex Kits: All kits are validated for cross-reactivity, linearity, precision, and stability.

Custom Assay Development

Biomarker Sample Testing & Validation

We may have internships available. Contact us for more information.

We may have positions available. Contact us for more information.