Recombinant Ferret IFNα Protein (HEK293)

Interferon alpha (IFNα) is a type I interferon that bind the type I interferon receptor.  IFNα is produced by a number of cells including macrophages and fibroblasts is produced in high levels in response to viral infections.   Serum IFNα levels have been shown to be elevated in active cases of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and may be associated with the progression of the disease.


Western Blot, ELISA Testing



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Product Description

Sourced from HEK293, Met1-Ser132, with C-terminal His Tag. Purity is >95% by SDS-Page. Applications include ELISA and Western Blot Analysis. Arrives in a Lyophilized Vial shipped overnight by FedEx.

For Research Use Only.

Product Details

Price (USD)$285
Molecule NameInterferon alpha
Product Storage5 years at -20°C to -80°C as supplied.
Upon reconstitution: 5 years at -80°C; 2 years at -20°C
PackagingLyophilized Vial
Shipment TypeAmbient
Shipping CarrierFedEx Overnight
Expiration5 years from date of receipt